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A local Head teacher friend asked Dan to consider delivering the KS2 Music Curriculum in his school and soon after whole classrooms of children were getting excited about crotchets and quavers!

Since those early days, FunkyPunk Music has expanded further by recruiting other coaches to work with 1000's of children in South Gloucestershire schools and has got other areas of the UK in it's sights!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
FunkyPunk Music was born in 2005, when Dan sat down with a local lad called Dexter for his first guitar lesson!  It all went swimmingly well and very soon there were regular enquiries for more after school private lessons.  A year later and everything seemed to explode into life, due in no small part to the mums-in-playgrounds network - word was quickly getting round Thornbury! By the end of 2006, Dan was teaching every week night for 3 hours and had built up a huge waiting list to boot :-)
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