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FunkyPunk Music in schools...

FunkyPunk Music is committed to providing in-school music coaching of the very highest standard.  Over the last 15 years, we have worked
in numerous schools and with thousands of pupils, delivering musical instrument lessons which are both enjoyable and effective!

'T' has recently started guitar lessons this year. It has been fantastic to

see his enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of the lessons with Dan and

quite staggering how quickly he is picking up the basic chords. Thank you.



If you would like to find out more about our in-school instrument coaching, please do contact us or [click here] to apply for instrument lessons in your school!

In most school situations, FunkyPunk coaches teach 20 min sessions to small groups or individuals at an affordable weekly cost.  There are usually five sessions delivered per half term, that's 30 per school year and we invoice parents termly.  Our teaching ethos is to make the lessons fun so that we can all look forward to coming back next week!  Our aim is to teach you to play music you 'are already in to' and to expose you to a variety of other popular music styles, bands and artists.  Our hope is that the more you enjoy your lessons and learn to play the music you like, the longer you will carry on playing and learning to play your instrument!

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